Revision history for Perl extension XML::SAXDriver::vCard

0.04	 Mon Feb 17 2003

	 - Updated to make checks on names case-insenstive (props
	   to Leo Lapworth for the slap in the head :-)

	 - Updated tests to check for 'get_handle' method for $parser

	 - Added 004-parse-list-types.t which will actually do
           something in version 0.05

	 - Updated POD

0.03	 Fri Nov 08 2002

	 - Better error handling for $pkg->parse_uri

	 - Added hooks to capture SOURCE property

	 - Updated POD

	 - Updated license to be "same terms as Perl itself"; this also applies
	   to versions < 0.03. Sorry about that.

0.02	 Tue Nov 05 2002

	 - Added support for the AGENT property

	 - Added a variety of private _parse_* methods
	 - Moved (start|end)_document stuff out of _vcard method

	 - Fixed a bug in &_media where extref URI was set as PCDATA rather
	   than as an attribute (duh)

	 - Updated *.t files not to bother trying to load XML::Simple if
	   XML::SAX::Writer is not available

0.01	 Mon Nov 04 2002
	 - Initial public release