Author image Ashley Pond V — 바보 양키스

Changes for version 1.41_04

  • Broke out "Serbia and Montenegro" into their new assignments as listed:

Changes for version 1.41_03

  • Minor typos in POD fixed.
  • Removed pod-coverage.t b/c it was causing failures on 3 OSes and it was just a boilerplate test from module-starter.

Changes for version 1.41_02

  • README had copyright information incompatible to original package.

Changes for version 1.41_01

  • Sent original author, Abigail, two emails and a CPAN ticket over the last 11 months without response so I'm submitting this update which I put together in 02/2005; this is itself probably already a bit out of date.
  • Tagged as dev release in case of transition problems.
  • Updated with codes added since last release.
  • Most of the changes are countries that formerly didn't have 3-letter codes; 12 new ones.
  • Updated dist with module-builder. Kept all original material but reorganized POD a bit and added information.
  • Modernized test script with Test::More; it's testing the same things as 1.4 was plus a couple new adjuncts.
  • Added synopsis.t.


2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries.