Revision history for Perl extension Devel::SmallProf.

        - Added rudimentary subroutine profiling.
        - Set ref to keep code listings around for non-subroutine-defining
        - Added support for .smallprof (the options file).
        - Lots of work to make Win32 stuff work correctly.

0.4  12 Jan 1998
        - Removed the use vars--fully specifying all non-my variables.
        - Added $DB::profile flag to turn profiling on and off.
        - Added %DB::packages support to profile only in certain packages.
	- Read source lines from @main::_<file instead of from disk files.
	  This saves having to save eval lines during the run as well.  Still
          missing some eval code, though.
        - Better nulltime compensation.
        - Use formats instead of printf for output.
0.3  20 Nov 1997
        - Folded in changes by Geoffry Broadwell ('f) for Win32, creating
          converter to convert between the two.  Attempted to make that 
          conversion automatic (see Makefile.PL).
        - Folded in Paul Ewing's changes to use Time::HiRes instead of 
        - Removed need for $DB::print_lines

0.2  12 Aug 1997
	- Better (though still not really good) eval handling.

0.1  Wed Jul 30 13:44:40 1997
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18