Changes for version 1.06

  • Important fix for offset commit/fetch bug
  • In Kafka versions > 0.8.2 offset commits/fetch are stored on Kafka itself, not zookeeper (that's version 1 of protocol instead of version 0).
  • The code before that commit was claiming that it supported version 0 for commiting offsets, and version 1 for fetching. As a result, offsets were stored on zookeeper, but fetched from Kafka, where they were never found.
  • This fix provides support for version 1 when storing and fetching offsets. It required implementing the API call for finding a group coordinator as well.


Apache Kafka interface for Perl.
Object interface to connect to a kafka cluster.
Perl interface for Kafka consumer client.
Perl Kafka API exception definitions.
Interface to network communication with the Apache Kafka server.
Functions to work with 64 bit elements of the protocol on 32 bit systems.
Constants and functions used internally.
Interface to the Kafka message properties.
Perl interface for Kafka producer client.
Functions to process messages in the Apache Kafka protocol.