Finance::Bank::LloydsTSB - Check your bank accounts from Perl

      use Finance::Bank::LloydsTSB;
      my @accounts = Finance::Bank::LloydsTSB->check_balance(
            username  => $username,
            password  => $password
            memorable => $memorable_phrase
      for my $acc (@accounts) {
        printf "%20s : %8s / %19s : GBP %9.2f\n",
          $acc->name, ($acc->sort_code || ''), $acc->account_no, $acc->balance;
      my $statement = $accounts[0]->fetch_statement;

      # Retrieve QIF for all transactions in January 2008.
      my $qif = $accounts[1]->download_statement(2008, 01, 01, 5);

    See for a working example.

    This module provides a rudimentary interface to the LloydsTSB online
    banking system at "". You will need
    either "Crypt::SSLeay" or "IO::Socket::SSL" installed for HTTPS support
    to work with LWP.

    This is code for online banking, and that means your money, and that
    means BE CAREFUL. You are encouraged, nay, expected, to audit the source
    of this module yourself to reassure yourself that I am not doing
    anything untoward with your banking data. This software is useful to me,
    but is provided under NO GUARANTEE, explicit or implied.

    Original by Simon Cozens <>

    Improvements by Adam Spiers <>