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Guillaume Aubert

Changes for version v1.8.1

  • (RT #78640) Added Queue::DBI::Element->is_over_lifetime().
  • (RT #78640) Changed 'lifetime' parameter in Queue::DBI->purge() to be more consistent with retrieve_batch() and 'max_requeue_count', thanks Sergey for noticing!
  • Fixed MySQL-specific reference when retrieving the inserted queue element ID.
  • Added Queue::DBI::Element->get_created_time().
  • Fixed lifetime() to return undef if 'lifetime' is not set.
  • Fixed max_requeue_count() to return undef when 'max_requeue_count' is not set.
  • Fixed incorrect table name used in a failure case of success().
  • Cleaned up build_requires and requires.
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  • Queue::DBI - A queueing module with an emphasis on safety, using DBI as a storage system for queued data.
  • Queue::DBI::Element - An object representing an element pulled from the queue.