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Tara Andrews
Text::Tradition - a software model for a set of collated texts
Text::Tradition::Collation - a software model for a text collation
Text::Tradition::Collation::Reading - represents a reading (usually a word) in a collation.
Text::Tradition::Collation::Relationship - represents a syntactic or semantic relationship between two readings
Text::Tradition::Collation::RelationshipStore - Keeps track of the relationships between readings in a given collation
Text::Tradition::Directory - a KiokuDB interface for storing and retrieving traditions
Text::Tradition::Error - throwable error class for CollateX package
Text::Tradition::Stemma - a representation of a stemma codicum for a Text::Tradition
Text::Tradition::StemmaUtil - standalone utilities for distance tree calculations
Text::Tradition::Witness - a manuscript witness to a text tradition

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