[Changes for 0.05 - June 13, 2004]

Adapt to Language::MzScheme 0.05's auto-context -- now we don't
need to use (car ...) on perl calls that returns one value.

[Changes for 0.04 - June 11, 2004]

Improved documentations and tests.

Now exports all global user-defined symbols into Perl.

Perl objects and subroutines may also be imported into Scheme.

Invoking Perl object methods from Scheme now works.

[Changes for 0.03 - June 9, 2004]

Change to adapt to 0.03's API.

[Changes for 0.02 - June 7, 2004]

Uses Language::MzScheme 0.02's new functions, like SCHEME_PROCP(),
to speed up procedure mapping process.

Fixed documentations.

[Changes for 0.01 - June 7, 2004]

Initial CPAN Release.