# $File: //member/autrijus/PAR/AUTHORS $
# $Revision: #10 $ $Change: 2731 $ $DateTime: 2002/12/17 04:54:59 $

Here is a list of people and their CPAN id, extracted from the Changes
file and the mailing list archives.  These people have either submitted
patches or suggestions, or their bug reports or comments have inspired
the appropriate patches.  Corrections, additions, deletions welcome:

Andy Lester		(PETDANCE)
Antti Lankila
Arthur Bergman		(ABERGMAN)
Bill Atkins		(BATKINS)
Chia-Liang Kao		(CLKAO)
Glenn Mabbutt
Hirosi Taguti
Iain Truskett		(SPOON)
Indy Singh
Jan Dubois		(JDB)
Jeff Goff		(JGOFF)
Jesse Vincent		(JESSE)
Markus Jansen
Mattia Barbon		(MBARBON)
Matt Sergeant		(MSERGEANT)
Nicholas Clark		(NWCLARK)
Randal L. Schwartz	(MERLYN)
Robert Allerstorfer
Robert Creager		(RCREAGER)
Tim Conrow
Ton Hospel
Uri Guttman		(URI)