# $File: //member/autrijus/PAR/TODO $ $Author: autrijus $
# $Revision: #8 $ $Change: 2736 $ $DateTime: 2002/12/17 11:25:00 $

- Installation on Win32 and other hard-to-get-compiler-working platforms
  - have pre-compiled par.exe for each $VERSION-$^V-{archname}
    combination (maybe also {cc} and {osvers}?) hosted at
    aut.dyndns.org and downloadable when there's no $have_cc.
  - optionally, if $have_cc and built successful, ask user if we
    can send the compiled par.exe back to the mothership.
    (truly evil!)
- Use Archive::Any and Archive::Tar to get rid of the only XS module
  dependency (Compress::Zlib), or implement inflate algorithm in perl.

- Overrides CORE::require to provide coexistence support for multiple
  versions of a module on the same machine.

- Install .par files using EU::MM or M::B logic with par.pl.
  (partially done with META.yml generated by 'pp')

- A separate 'jar' clone 'par' to replace the current 'par.pl'.

- SIGNATURE support via Module::Signature.