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Jon Portnoy
Bot::Cobalt::Lang - Bot::Cobalt language set loader
Bot::Cobalt::Manual::Plugins - Bot::Cobalt plugin authoring reference
Bot::Cobalt::Manual::Plugins::Config - Cobalt config file primer
Bot::Cobalt::Manual::Plugins::Dist - Packaging Cobalt plugins
Bot::Cobalt::Manual::Plugins::Tutorial - Let's write a simple plugin
cobalt2 - Bot::Cobalt IRC bot frontend
cobalt2-dbdump - Export Bot::Cobalt::DB databases to YAML
cobalt2-plugin-installcf - Install example plugin confs
Bot::Cobalt - IRC darkbot-alike plus plugin authoring sugar
Bot::Cobalt::Common - Import commonly-used tools and constants
Bot::Cobalt::Conf - Load Bot::Cobalt configuration files
Bot::Cobalt::Core - Bot::Cobalt core and event syndicator
Bot::Cobalt::Core::ContextMeta - Base class for context-related metadata
Bot::Cobalt::Core::ContextMeta::Auth - Auth list management
Bot::Cobalt::Core::ContextMeta::Ignore - Ignore list management
Bot::Cobalt::Core::Loader - Object loader/unloader
Bot::Cobalt::Core::Role::EasyAccessors - Easy configuration accessors
Bot::Cobalt::Core::Role::IRC - A role for managing a collection of Servers
Bot::Cobalt::Core::Role::Timers - A role for managing a timer pool
Bot::Cobalt::Core::Sugar - Exported sugar for Bot::Cobalt plugins
Bot::Cobalt::DB - Locking Berkeley DBs with serialization
Bot::Cobalt::Error - Lightweight error objects
Bot::Cobalt::Frontend::RC - Read and write instance RC files
Bot::Cobalt::Frontend::Utils - Helper utils for Bot::Cobalt frontends
Bot::Cobalt::IRC - Bot::Cobalt IRC bridge
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event - Base class for IRC event information
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event::Channel - IRC Event subclass for channel events
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event::Kick - IRC Event subclass for kick events
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event::Mode - IRC Event subclass for mode changes
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event::Nick - IRC Event subclass for nick changes
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event::Quit - IRC Event subclass for user quits
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Event::Topic - IRC Event subclass for topic changes
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::FloodChk - Flood check utils for Bot::Cobalt
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Message - An incoming IRC message
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Message::Public - Public message subclass
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Role::AdminCmds - IRC-specific admin commands
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Server - An IRC server context
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Alarmclock - Timed IRC highlights
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Auth - User management and auth plugin
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::CPAN - Query MetaCPAN API from IRC
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::DNS - Issue DNS queries from IRC
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::Debug - Dump internal state information
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::Karma - Simple karma bot plugin
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::Money - Currency conversion plugin
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::Relay - Multiplex IRC channels
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::Shorten - Shorten URLs via Metamark
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Extras::TempConv - Temperature conversion
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Games - Some silly IRC games
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Games::Magic8 - Ask the Magic 8-ball
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Games::Roulette - IRC Russian Roulette
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Info3 - Text-triggered responses for Bot::Cobalt
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Master - Basic bot master commands
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::OutputFilters::StripColor - strip outgoing color codes
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::OutputFilters::StripFormat - strip bold/underline/italics
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::PluginMgr - IRC plugin manager
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB - Bot::Cobalt "random" DB plugin
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::AsyncSearch - Asynchronous RDB deep search
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::SearchCache - Simple in-memory cache
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Rehash - Rehash config or langs on-the-fly
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Seen - Bot::Cobalt 'seen' plugin
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Version - Retrieve bot version and info
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::WWW - Asynchronous HTTP requests from Cobalt plugins
Bot::Cobalt::Serializer - Simple serialization wrapper
Bot::Cobalt::Timer - Cobalt timer objects
Bot::Cobalt::Utils - Utilities for Cobalt plugins
Bot::Cobalt::Core::Role::Singleton in lib/Bot/Cobalt/Core/Role/Singleton.pm
Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Role::UserEvents in lib/Bot/Cobalt/IRC/Role/UserEvents.pm
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::AsyncSearch::Worker in lib/Bot/Cobalt/Plugin/RDB/AsyncSearch/Worker.pm
Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::Database in lib/Bot/Cobalt/Plugin/RDB/Database.pm

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