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Jon Portnoy
IRC::Indexer::POD::ClientExamples - Example indexer frontends
IRC::Indexer::POD::NetworkSpec - Export format for a network
IRC::Indexer::POD::ServerSpec - Export format for a single server
ircindexer-server-json - Serve IRC::Indexer JSON over HTTP
ircindexer-single - Trawl a single server for network information
IRC::Indexer - IRC server stats collection via POE
IRC::Indexer::Conf - Handle Indexer configuration files
IRC::Indexer::Logger - Simple interface to Log::Handler
IRC::Indexer::Output - Turn trawler output into something useful
IRC::Indexer::Output::Dumper - Data::Dumper output subclass
IRC::Indexer::Output::JSON - JSON::XS output subclass
IRC::Indexer::Output::YAML - YAML::XS output subclass
IRC::Indexer::Process::JSONify - Forkable JSON encoder
IRC::Indexer::Process::Trawler - Forkable Trawl::Bot session
IRC::Indexer::Report::Network - Network information class for IRC::Indexer
IRC::Indexer::Report::Server - Server information class for IRC::Indexer
IRC::Indexer::Trawl::Bot - Indexing trawler instance
IRC::Indexer::Trawl::Forking - Forking Trawl::Bot instances
IRC::Indexer::Trawl::Multi - Trawl multiple IRC servers
Changes for version 0.03
    • Report::Server->status(); report empty string, not undef Makes it easier to test status strings.
    • Tweak examples/chart_users_cron.pl
    • Trawl::Multi: Properly cleanup when finished Shorter initial check alarm (Trawl::Multi still sucks; use Trawl::Bot.)
    • t/ expanded; Add Test::Cmd tests, improve others. Add Trawl::Multi test.

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