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Jon Portnoy

Changes for version 2.010001

  • Drop List::MoreUtils from required dependencies.
    • List::MoreUtils is used almost everywhere, but is not in core and was a bit abandoned the last few years.
    • It has been adopted upstream, which is wonderful, but the development versions are taking List::MoreUtils in directions I don't understand; rather than the small module providing fast XS implementations of simple and common list operations that I'm used to, this is turning into some sort of behemoth containing confusing "implementation sets" and depending upon half of CPAN.
    • Not good, do not want.
    • Users with 0.3x versions of List::MoreUtils will still get faster implementations of the following array operations:
      • indexes uniq first_index last_index last_where items_after items_after_incl items_before items_before_incl
    • Users with 0.4 development versions of List::MoreUtils will fall back to pure-Perl implementations for now.
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