package List::Objects::WithUtils::Hash;
$List::Objects::WithUtils::Hash::VERSION = '2.028003';
use strictures 2;

require Role::Tiny;
Role::Tiny->apply_roles_to_package( __PACKAGE__,

use Exporter ();
our @EXPORT = 'hash';

sub import {
  my $pkg = caller;
  { no strict 'refs';
    ${"${pkg}::a"} = ${"${pkg}::a"}; ${"${pkg}::b"} = ${"${pkg}::b"};
  goto &Exporter::import

sub hash { __PACKAGE__->new(@_) }

  qq[<mauke> die "bad meth"\n<nperez> die "better call saul"\n]
unless caller; 1;


=head1 NAME

List::Objects::WithUtils::Hash - Hash-type objects WithUtils


  use List::Objects::WithUtils 'hash';

  my $hash = hash( foo => 'bar' );


This class is the basic concrete implementation of
L<List::Objects::WithUtils::Role::Hash>. Methods are documented there.

=head2 hash

Creates a new hash object.

=head1 AUTHOR

Jon Portnoy <>

Derived from L<Data::Perl> by Matt Phillips (CPAN: MATTP) et al

Licensed under the same terms as Perl