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Al Newkirk
MongoDBI - A proper ODM (Object-Document-Mapper) for MongoDB
MongoDBI::Application - MongoDBI Application Class and Document Class Controller
MongoDBI::Document - Defines and Represents a MongoDB Collection and Document
MongoDBI::Document::Child - A Relationship Wrapper Around MongoDBI Embedded Documents
MongoDBI::Document::Config - Configuration for a MongoDBI Document Class
MongoDBI::Document::GridFile - A GridFS Wrapper Around MongoDBI File Documents
MongoDBI::Document::Relative - A Relationship Wrapper Around MongoDBI Relational Documents
MongoDBI::Document::Storage - MongoDBI Document Storage Interface
MongoDBI::Document::Storage::Criterion - MongoDBI Chainable Collection Query Builder
MongoDBI::Document::Storage::Operation - Standard MongoDBI Document/Collection Operations
MongoDBI::Document::Sugar - Syntactic Sugar For Defining MongoDBI Document Classes
MongoDBI::Document::Base in lib/MongoDBI/Document/Base.pm
Changes for version 0.0.12
    • x added missing is_inc shortcut not exported by M::D::Sugar
    • x added the foreach_document method being a wrapper around cursor
    • x changed main module synopsis

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