Aris Xanthos

Changes for version 0.06

  • Added Test::Pod::Coverage to build_requires in
  • L::D::Utils:
  • Fixed version number.
  • Fixed bug in _split_tagged_text() (case where none of 'original', 'lemma', and 'tag' was defined in condition).
  • L::D::VOCD:
  • Set default value of 'min_value' to 0.01 (to work 'per category').
  • L::D::Variety:
  • Removed the sampling_order attribute, which did not appear to be as useful as it was confusing. Things now follow the logical 'transform_then_average' pattern. Doc and tests changed accordingly.
  • L::D::Subtype:
  • Removed the SamplingOrder subtype (no longer used by L::D::Variety).
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