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أحمد محمد زواوي - Ahmad M. Zawawi
Padre::Plugin::Moose - Moose support for Padre
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Role::CanGenerateCode - Something that can generate Moose, Mouse or MooseX::Declare code
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Role::CanHandleInspector - Something that can read from and write to the object inspector
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Role::CanProvideHelp - Something that can provide help about itself
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Role::HasClassMembers - Something that has attributes, subtypes and methods
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Attribute in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Attribute.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Class in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Class.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::ClassMember in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/ClassMember.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::FBP::Main in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/FBP/Main.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Main in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Main.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Method in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Method.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Program in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Program.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Role in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Role.pm
Padre::Plugin::Moose::Subtype in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Subtype.pm
Changes for version 0.14
    • Added MooseX::Declare code generation
    • Code generation options UI
    • Minimum dialog size is 640x480 and it is now resizable (bowtie++)
    • Ability to change generation code target (Moose, Mouse or MooseX::Declare) via a combo box
    • Fixed immutable/namespace::clean order (GabrielVieira++ for the bug report)
    • Perl tidy + Makefile.PL now includes plugin homepage as wiki page (bowtie++)

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