The HB extension to Perl and the Perl HB Module

		      Installation Instructions


    This file contains information on how to build and install the
    PerlHBM package.

    First you'll need to install the HB extension to Perl.  That will
    allow you to call functions in the HB library from your Perl script.
    The steps to do this are described in detail at the section 2 of
    this file.

    Once you have succesfully installed the HB extension to Perl, you can
    install the Perl HB module (that is, the Perl extension to HB).  It
    will allow you to embed Perl code within your HB scripts.

    If something goes wrong (and that is something likely to happen
    at this point of time), use your common sense and try to fix the
    Makefiles, sending me a complete report on the things you did so I
    can consider them for the next release.



        $ cd perlhb && perl Makefile.PL && make && make install

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Install HB.

       You can always obtain the latest version of HB from:


       Note that this release only works with versions above 1.9.8.

    2. Create the Makefile in the perlhb directory.

       Change to the perlhb directory in this distribution (and stay
       there until you have the extension installed) and issue the
       following command:

           $ perl Makefile.PL

       It will look for the hb-config script that came with HB in
       different directories and then create the Makefile, required in
       the steps below.

       If it fails to find hb-config (because you installed HB in an
       unusual location), set an HB_CONFIG environment variable with the
       full path to your hb-config script and pass it when you execute
       this command (the example works on Bash):

           $ HB_CONFIG="/home/azul/hb/bin/hb-config" perl Makefile.PL

    3. Compile the extension.
       Issue the following command:
           $ make

       It will look in the Makefile (created in step 2) for instructions
       on what to do.

    4. Install the extension

       To install the extension you need to issue the following command:

           $ make install

       You will usually do this as the super user, unless you installed
       Perl as a normal user.

       You can now `use HB;' in your Perl scripts.



    $ cd hbperl && make

    It should be noted that in order to use the Perl HB module, you'll
    need to install the HB extension to Perl. This is so because in
    order to do anything useful from the Perl code that HB will execute,
    you'll need to call some functions in HB.

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Compile the module

       Change to the hbperl directory and build the module:

           $ make

       If all goes well, you'll now have a `' file. You can load
       it in your HB files with the line:

           :lib /path/

       If something goes wrong, look at the output presented by the
       hb-config script and try to fix it (don't forget to send me a
       complete report so you won't have to fix it the next time HB
       is released).