The Perl extension to HB and the Perl HB Module

                         General Information


    In this package you will find two different (although related) things.

    The first is an interface for Perl to HB, allowing you to use the
    functionality provided by the later from your Perl scripts (Perl
    calls HB).  You can find that in the perlhb directory.

    The second is an HBM allowing you to embed and execute Perl code
    inside of your HB scripts (HB calls Perl).  You can find that in
    the hbperl directory.

    It should be noted that the second part of this package depends
    on the first.  When HB calls Perl, Perl will need to call some of
    the functions in HB back if it is to do anything useful.  For that
    reason, you will need to install the HB extension to Perl if you
    plan to use the Perl HBM.


    To use this extension you'll need:

    - Perl 5.005. We have not tested this distribution in earlier releases
      of the Perl interpreter. Do it and let us know if it works.

    - HB 1.9.8 or newer. This packages uses functionality recently added
      to HB and, for that reason, does not work in older versions.


    See the INSTALL file for instructions on how to build and install
    this package.


    You can find more information on how to use HB from your Perl scripts
    and how to use Perl from your HB files in the doc/ directory or
    online at the following URL:



    This package was created by Alejandro Forero Cuervo, who can be
    reached at <>. He encourages you to send him any
    suggestions and patches you may want.