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Красимир Беров
Ado::Manual - Getting started with Ado
Ado::Manual::Contributing - Making Ado the ERP solution for the enterprise
Ado::Manual::Installation - Various ways to install Ado
Ado::Manual::Plugins - Ado plugins and how to write an Ado::Plugin
Ado::Manual::RESTAPI - all resources provided by Ado.
Ado - a rapid active commotion (framework for web-projects on Mojolicious)
Ado::Build - Custom routines for Ado installation
Ado::BuildPlugin - Custom routines for Ado::Plugin::* installation
Ado::Command - Ado namespace for Mojo commands!
Ado::Command::adduser - adduser command
Ado::Command::generate - Generator command
Ado::Command::generate::apache2htaccess - Generates Apache2 .htaccess file
Ado::Command::generate::apache2vhost - Generates minimal Apache2 Virtual Host configuration file
Ado::Command::version - Version command
Ado::Control - The base class for all controllers!
Ado::Control::Ado - Base controller class for Ado back-office applications.
Ado::Control::Ado::Default - The default controller for the back-office.
Ado::Control::Ado::Users - The controller to manage users.
Ado::Control::Default - The default controller for the site.
Ado::Control::Doc - The controller for the end-user documentation
Ado::Control::Test - a controller used for testing Ado.
Ado::I18n - Languages' lexicons and handle namespace
Ado::I18n::bg - lexicon for Bulgarian
Ado::I18n::en - lexicon for English
Ado::Model - the base schema class.
Ado::Plugin - base class for Ado specific plugins.
Ado::Plugin::AdoHelpers - Default Ado helpers plugin
Ado::Plugin::Auth - Authenticate users
Ado::Plugin::I18n - Internationalization and localization for Ado
Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer - Render markdown to HTML
Ado::Plugin::Routes - Keep routes separately.
Ado::Sessions - A factory for HTTP Sessions in Ado
Ado::Sessions::Database - manage sessions stored in the database
Ado::Sessions::File - manage sessions stored in files
Test::AdoPlugin - common code needed for testing Ado plugins
Changes for version 0.51
    • Fixing failing tests under Windows.

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