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Jens Rehsack
Alien::Packages::Roadmap - high level to do list and targetted goals
Alien::Packages - Find information of installed packages
Alien::Packages::Base - base class for package backends
Alien::Packages::Dpkg - get's information from Debian's package database via dpkg-query
Alien::Packages::LsLpp - handles AIX lslpp packaging system
Alien::Packages::Msi - deals with package information of Microsoft Installer
Alien::Packages::PkgInfo - handles Sun's pkginfo
Alien::Packages::Pkg_Info::pkgsrc - get's information from NetBSD's portable pkgsrc
Alien::Packages::Pkg_Info::ports - deals with FreeBSD's Ports
Alien::Packages::Rpm - get's information from RedHat Package Manager CLI
Alien::Packages::RpmDB - acesses the RPM database directly
Changes for version 0.003
    • split on , for debian packages to handle multiple packages owning the same file/dir (thanks to Graham Ollis <perl@wdlabs.com>)

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