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=head1 NAME

Sex - Perl teaches the birds and the bees.


    package Sex::Oriented::Programming;
    # The usual suspects + 3 volunteers
    use Sex qw(Moose Mouse Mousse Moo Mo ? ? ?);


This is like the Sex you get from Schwern, but '?' will pull in a random
volunteer from %INC.

=head1 BUGS

There are many bugs you can get from having Sex used too often on your
computer. Please be sure your programs are Safe before they have Sex.

    package Trojan;
    use Sex qw(Safe Sex);

=head1 AUTHORS


=item * Ingy 'The Alternative to Schwern' döt Net <ingy@cpan.org>

=item * Michael 'The Porn King of CMU' Schwern  <schwern@pobox.com>


=head1 SEE ALSO


=item * 'Disco Dolls in Hot Skin'

=item * 'Exhausted:  The John Holmes Story'

=item * 'Deep Recursion' starring Ada Lovelace.

=item * 'The Fly' (1953)