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Ivan Tubert-Brohman
AnnoCPAN - Annotated CPAN documentation
AnnoCPAN - Annotated CPAN documentation
AnnoCPAN::Archive - Simple archive abstraction layer
AnnoCPAN::Config - AnnoCPAN configuration module
AnnoCPAN::Control - Main AnnoCPAN Web Interface Control Module
AnnoCPAN::DBI - AnnoCPAN model class (database access module)
AnnoCPAN::Dist - CPAN distribution extracting and munging
AnnoCPAN::Dump - Read and write AnnoCPAN XML dumps
AnnoCPAN::PodParser - Parse a pod and load the paragraphs into the database
AnnoCPAN::PodToHtml - Convert POD to HTML
AnnoCPAN::Update - Update AnnoCPAN database from local CPAN mirror
AnnoCPAN::XMLCGI - Read XML input through a CGI.pm-like interface
AnnoCPAN::Archive::Tar in lib/AnnoCPAN/Archive.pm
AnnoCPAN::Archive::Zip in lib/AnnoCPAN/Archive.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Author in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Dist in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::DistVer in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Note in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::NotePos in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Pod in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::PodDist in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::PodVer in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Prefs in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Section in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::User in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::DBI::Vote in lib/AnnoCPAN/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::Dump::SAX in lib/AnnoCPAN/Dump.pm
AnnoCPAN::Feed in lib/AnnoCPAN/Feed.pm
AnnoCPAN::Perldoc::DBI in lib/AnnoCPAN/Perldoc/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::Perldoc::DBI::Note in lib/AnnoCPAN/Perldoc/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::Perldoc::DBI::NotePos in lib/AnnoCPAN/Perldoc/DBI.pm
AnnoCPAN::Perldoc::DBI::PodVer in lib/AnnoCPAN/Perldoc/DBI.pm
Changes for version 0.22
    • Bug fixes
  • /note mode that shows and edits version bindings for a note
  • Added "creation_time" to dist table
    • Miscelaneous features
  • Added CPANRatings data
  • Added a pager in the front page
  • Added help to edit form
    • RSS
  • Added maturity data to distver table
  • Added note_id to note elements in XML dump
  • Compression
  • Fixed =begin count persistence bug
    • Site structure and navigation
  • Fixed note propagation bug
  • Fixed some bugs in L<>
  • Found cause of database connection bug (version of DBD::mysql)
  • Plain text note counts
  • RSS of new dists
  • Redirect perldoc.cgi
  • Redirect when a dist has only one distver
  • Refactored RSS code into AnnoCPAN::Feed
    • Backend / database
  • Support POD formatting in notes
  • Use 302 redirects by default
  • Use Lingua::EN::Inflect to avoid saying '1 notes'

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