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Pan Fan (nightsailer)
AnyMongo - Asynchronous non-blocking MongoDB driver for AnyEvent applications
AnyMongo::BSON - BSON encoding and decoding utilities
AnyMongo::BSON::Code - BSON type,it's used to represent JavaScript code and, optionally, scope.
AnyMongo::BSON::OID - A Mongo ObjectId
AnyMongo::BSON::Timestamp - BSON Timestamps data type, it is used internally by MongoDB's replication.
AnyMongo::Collection - Asynchronous MongoDB::Collection
AnyMongo::Compat - Make better compatible with MongoDB.
AnyMongo::Connection - Asynchronous MongoDB::Connection
AnyMongo::Cursor - A asynchronous cursor/iterator for Mongo query results
AnyMongo::Database - Asynchronous MongoDB::Database
AnyMongo::GridFS - Asynchronous MongoDB::GridFS
AnyMongo::GridFS::File - A un-blocking Mongo GridFS file
AnyMongo::MongoSupport - Internal functions to support mongo wired protocol
Changes for version 0.03
    • just release AnyEvent::MongoDB.

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