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Graham Knop
App::BCSSH - Back channel SSH messaging
App::BCSSH::Client - Handler client role
App::BCSSH::Command::browse - Open a URL in the user's local browser
App::BCSSH::Command::commands - list commands available to bcssh
App::BCSSH::Command::help - Show documentation for bcssh commands
App::BCSSH::Command::ping - Check if a bcssh proxy is available
App::BCSSH::Command::scp - Copy files to user's local machine
App::BCSSH::Command::ssh - Connect to ssh server with bcssh proxy running
App::BCSSH::Command::vi - Edit file on user's local machine
App::BCSSH::Handler - Role for command handlers
App::BCSSH::Help - Role to provide -h and --help options
App::BCSSH::Message - Functions to send and read ssh-agent messages
App::BCSSH::Options - Options parser for command objects
App::BCSSH::Options::Accessor - Role for accessors with option parsing
App::BCSSH::Pod - Read Pod abstract, synopsis, and options from loadable modules
App::BCSSH::Proxy - ssh-agent proxy with message intercept
App::BCSSH::Util - Utility functions for App::BCSSH
App::BCSSH::Handler::browse in lib/App/BCSSH/Handler/browse.pm
App::BCSSH::Handler::scp in lib/App/BCSSH/Handler/scp.pm
App::BCSSH::Handler::vi in lib/App/BCSSH/Handler/vi.pm
App::BCSSH::Inline in lib/App/BCSSH/Inline.pm
Changes for version 0.002002
    • fix bad regex

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