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Jeremie Klein
camel_pki_cgi.pl - Catalyst CGI
camel_pki_create.pl - Create a new Catalyst Component
camel_pki_fastcgi.pl - Catalyst FastCGI
camel_pki_keyceremony.pl - The Camel-PKI Key Ceremony.
camel_pki_server.pl - Catalyst Testserver
start_stop_camel_pki.pl - Apache server for App::CamelPKI.
App::CamelPKI - A multi-purpose PKI.
App::CamelPKI::Action::JSON - Adapting the Catalyst execution environment for JSON requests.
App::CamelPKI::CA - Model of a Certificate Authority in Camel-PKI.
App::CamelPKI::CADB - Store App::CamelPKI::CA datas in a SQLite database
App::CamelPKI::CRL - Model for X509 Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in Camel-PKI
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate - A certificate template for Camel-PKI (abstract class - not instanciable).
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::CA0 - provide functions to allow CA0 type certificate generation.
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::CertBase - Open templates for certificates.
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::OpenVPNClient - Certificate templates for VPN nodes.
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::PKI1 - Certificate templates for internal certificates
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::SSLServer - Type of certificate for SSL Servers. It herits from App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::CertBase which contains common functions for open certificate's type.
App::CamelPKI::Certificate - Model for a X509 certificate in Camel-PKI.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::CA - Camel-PKI Certiciate Authority controller.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::CA::Template::Base - Base class for all template controllers in Camel-PKI
App::CamelPKI::Controller::CA::Template::CA - Controller for certification and revocation of CA processing nodes.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::CA::Template::SSL - Controller for certification and revocation of SSL clients and servers.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::CA::Template::VPN - Controller for certification and revocation of VPN nodes.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::Certificate - Camel-PKI Certiciate Certificate controller.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::Root - Root controller for App::CamelPKI.
App::CamelPKI::Controller::Test - Catalyst learning tests.
App::CamelPKI::Error - Camel-PKI Error management
App::CamelPKI::Model::CA - Constructor of CA instances used by the whole application.
App::CamelPKI::Model::WebServer - The singleton which represents the Camel-PKI AC Web server.
App::CamelPKI::PEM - Base class for all model classes that manipulate PEM strings
App::CamelPKI::PrivateKey - Modelise a private key in Camel-PKI.
App::CamelPKI::PublicKey - Public key model for App-PKI.
App::CamelPKI::RestrictedClassMethod - Application of the "brand" capability discipline pattern to sensitive constructors and classes.
App::CamelPKI::Sys - Operating System-oriented bag of tricks.
App::CamelPKI::SysV::Apache - Modeling the Camel-PKI web server.
App::CamelPKI::Time - Modelise Camel-PKI horatading, up to the second.
App::CamelPKI::View::JSON - the view used to throw data to an AJAX client or any other RPC client.
App::CamelPKI::View::TT - Catalyst TTSite View
Class::Facet - Capability-discipline facet construct for Perl.
App::CamelPKI::CA::CADBFacet in lib/App/CamelPKI/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::CA::FacetCertTemplate in lib/App/CamelPKI/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::CA::FacetCRLOnly in lib/App/CamelPKI/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::CA::FacetOperational in lib/App/CamelPKI/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::CA::FacetReadonly in lib/App/CamelPKI/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::CADB::Cursor in lib/App/CamelPKI/CADB.pm
App::CamelPKI::CADB::FacetReadOnly in lib/App/CamelPKI/CADB.pm
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::CA1 in lib/App/CamelPKI/CertTemplate/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::OpenVPNServer in lib/App/CamelPKI/CertTemplate/VPN.pm
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::PKI2 in lib/App/CamelPKI/CertTemplate/PKI.pm
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::SSLClient in lib/App/CamelPKI/CertTemplate/SSL.pm
App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::VPN1 in lib/App/CamelPKI/CertTemplate/VPN.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::Database in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::Internal in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::IO in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::OtherProcess in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::Privilege in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::State in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Error::User in lib/App/CamelPKI/Error.pm
App::CamelPKI::Model::CA::FacetAny in lib/App/CamelPKI/Model/CA.pm
App::CamelPKI::RestrictedClassMethod::FakeBrand in lib/App/CamelPKI/RestrictedClassMethod.pm
Changes for version 0.07
    • Modification of views to give more information
    • Added templates for OpenVPN clients and servers
    • Tests refactoring in App::CamelPKI::CertTemplate::VPN

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