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Clinton Gormley
cerberus.pl - Run App::Cerberus as a server
App::Cerberus - A pluggable Perl web service to preprocess web requests. Plugins can add geo, timezone and browser metadata, and throttle request rate.
App::Cerberus::Plugin - A base class for App::Cerberus plugins
App::Cerberus::Plugin::BrowserDetect - Add user-agent information to App::Cerberus
App::Cerberus::Plugin::GeoIP - Add geo-location information the user's IP address
App::Cerberus::Plugin::Throttle - Throttle request rates based on IP ranges
App::Cerberus::Plugin::Throttle::Memcached - A Memcached backend for the Throttle plugin
App::Cerberus::Plugin::Throttle::Memory - A in-memory TESTING ONLY backend for the Throttle plugin
App::Cerberus::Plugin::TimeZone - Add time-zone information to App::Cerberus
Changes for version 0.10
    • Errors in the plugins no longer cause App::Cerberus to die.
    • Minor typos in the the BrowserDetect plugin fixed
    • Thanks to @gittex for both patches

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