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Mark Grimes
App::EditorTools::Emacs - Emacs binding for App::EditorTools
App::EditorTools::Vim - Vim binding to App::EditorTools
editortools - Command line tool for Perl code refactoring
App::EditorTools - Command line tool for Perl code refactoring
App::EditorTools::Command::InstallEmacs - Install emacs bindings for App::EditorTools
App::EditorTools::Command::InstallVim - Installs vim bindings for App::EditorTools
App::EditorTools::Command::RenamePackageFromPath - Rename the package based on the file's path
App::EditorTools::Command::RenameVariable - Lexically Rename a Variable
App::EditorTools::CommandBase::Install - Base class for installing bindings for editors
Changes for version 0.19
    • Let users choose their own leader key, simplify menu
    • Since not all vim users might like to use the comma as their leader, we
    • can simply use "<leader>" instead of "," when mapping the editor tools
    • commands. (Thanks to mannih for the patch.)
    • Updates pod and makes layout more github friendly.

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