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Steffen Ullrich
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP - HTTP proxy with the ability to inspect and modify content
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::IMP::CSRFprotect - IMP plugin against CSRF attacks
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::IMP::Example::changeTarget - example plugin to change request target
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::IMP::FakeResponse - return alternativ response header and body for specific URIs
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Conn in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Conn.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Debug in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Debug.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Debug::Context in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Debug.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::EventLoop in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::IMP in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/IMP.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Relay in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Relay.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Relay::DNS in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Relay.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Relay::FD in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Relay.pm
App::HTTP_Proxy_IMP::Request in lib/App/HTTP_Proxy_IMP/Request.pm
Changes for version 0.956
    • fixed bug that children, which got forked because maxconn was reached, did not exit after all requests were done.
    • better output when dumping state (eg kill -USR1..)

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