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Jens Rehsack
App::Math::Tutor - lets one generate exercises for mathematical topic
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Natural - namespace for exercises for natural numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Natural::Cmd::Add - Plugin for addition and subtraction of natural numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Poly - namespace for exercises for polynoms
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Poly::Cmd::Solve - Plugin for solving polynoms
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Power - namespace for exercises for power mathematics
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Power::Cmd::Rules - Plugin for addition and subtraction of natural numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Roman - namespace for exercises for roman numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Roman::Cmd::Add - Plugin for addition and subtraction of roman numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Roman::Cmd::Cast - Plugin for casting of roman numerals into natural numbers and vice versa
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Unit - namespace for exercises for unit calculations
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Unit::Cmd::Add - Plugin for addition and subtraction of numbers with units
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Unit::Cmd::Cast - Plugin for casting of numbers with units
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::Unit::Cmd::Compare - Plugin for comparing numbers with units
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::VulFrac - namespace for exercises for vulgar fraction
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::VulFrac::Cmd::Add - Plugin for addition and subtraction of vulgar fractions
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::VulFrac::Cmd::Cast - Plugin for casting of vulgar fraction into decimal fraction and vice versa
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::VulFrac::Cmd::Compare - Plugin for comparing vulgar fractions
App::Math::Tutor::Cmd::VulFrac::Cmd::Mul - Plugin for multiplication and division of vulgar fraction
App::Math::Tutor::Numbers - Numbers provider for math exercises
App::Math::Tutor::Role::DecFrac - role for decimal fraction numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Role::DecFracExercise - role for exercises in decimal fraction
App::Math::Tutor::Role::Exercise - basic role for getting exercises
App::Math::Tutor::Role::Natural - role for natural numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Role::NaturalExercise - role for for exercises with natural numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Role::Poly - role for polynoms
App::Math::Tutor::Role::PolyExercise - role for for exercises with polynom
App::Math::Tutor::Role::Power - role for power mathematics
App::Math::Tutor::Role::PowerExercise - role for exercises in power mathematics
App::Math::Tutor::Role::Roman - role for roman style natural numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Role::Unit - role for numererical parts for calculation with units
App::Math::Tutor::Role::UnitExercise - role for exercises in calculation with units
App::Math::Tutor::Role::VulFrac - role for vulgar fraction numbers
App::Math::Tutor::Role::VulFracExercise - role for exercises in vulgar fraction
App::Math::Tutor::Util - Utilities for easier Math Tutorial Exercises generation
Changes for version 0.004
    • fix a lot of issues reported by niederrhein.pm
    • improve documentation
    • refactoring for cleaner solution writing
    • add exercise for comparing vulgar fractions
    • add missing required modules
    • add support for polynoms and power mathematics
    • rename option --amount to --quantity
    • introduce Math::Complex support
    • add experimental chart support with recent LaTeX::Driver and full working xelatex

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