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Magnus Woldrich
pimpd2 - Perl Interface for the Music Player Daemon 2
App::Pimpd - Base class for pimpd2
App::Pimpd::Collection::Album - Album functions
App::Pimpd::Collection::Search - Package exporting various search functions for the MPD collection
App::Pimpd::Commands - Package exporting usual commands
App::Pimpd::Player - Package exporting functions that helps with local playback
App::Pimpd::Playlist - Functions dealing with the current playlist
App::Pimpd::Playlist::Favorite - Package exporting functions for the favlist functionality
App::Pimpd::Playlist::Randomize - Package exporting various randomizing functions
App::Pimpd::Playlist::Search - Search the current playlist
App::Pimpd::Shell - Pimpd interactive shell
App::Pimpd::Validate - Package exporting various functions for validating data
App::Pimpd::Doc in lib/App/Pimpd/Doc.pm

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