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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
quotecc - Command-line interface App::QuoteCC
App::QuoteCC - Take a quote file and emit a standalone program that spews a random quote
App::QuoteCC::Input::Fortune - Read quotes from a fortune(1) file
App::QuoteCC::Input::Text - Read newline delimited quotes
App::QuoteCC::Input::YAML - Read quotes from a YAML file with YAML::XS
App::QuoteCC::Output::C - Emit quotes in C format
App::QuoteCC::Output::Lua - Emit quotes in Lua format
App::QuoteCC::Output::Perl - Emit quotes in Perl format
App::QuoteCC::Role::Input - A role representing a App::QuoteCC input format
App::QuoteCC::Role::Output - A role representing a App::QuoteCC output format
Changes for version 0.10
    • Don't FAIL due to test count error on systems without lua The skip count was always off on systems without lua. We said we skipped 6 tests, but it was 3 where the URL wasn't =~ /failo/. It's easier to just skip the entire test suite on those systems, so move the prereq for lua before the plan. Also don't run each of those tests 10 times. There's no need.

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