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Daniel George Holz
rssfilter - command-line interface to App::Rssfilter
App::Rssfilter - remove clutter from your news feeds
App::Rssfilter::Cmd - App::Rssfilter's App::Cmd
App::Rssfilter::Cmd::runfromconfig - fetch feeds and constrain with rules, all from a config file
App::Rssfilter::Feed - Get the latest or previous version of an RSS feed
App::Rssfilter::Feed::Storage - load and save RSS feeds as files
App::Rssfilter::Filter::DeleteItem - remove an RSS item from its channel
App::Rssfilter::Filter::MarkTitle - add some text to the title of an RSS item
App::Rssfilter::FromHash - a role for creating App::Rssfilter objects from a configuration hash
App::Rssfilter::FromYaml - create App::Rssfilter objects from YAML configuration
App::Rssfilter::Group - associate one or more rules with more than one feed
App::Rssfilter::Logger - adds a logger to a class
App::Rssfilter::Match::AbcPreviews - match an ABC preview RSS item
App::Rssfilter::Match::BbcSports - match a BBC sport RSS item
App::Rssfilter::Match::Category - match an RSS item by category
App::Rssfilter::Match::Duplicates - match an RSS item which has been seen before
App::Rssfilter::Rule - match and filter RSS feeds
Changes for version 0.07
    • Remove 'required => 1' from attributes which also have 'init_arg => undef'

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