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Changes for version 0.74

  • User-visible highlights for this release (not all commits are listed here):
    • Make tests clean up after themselves - Alex Vandiver
    • friendlier error message if user tries to sync with RT without RT::Client::REST - Christine Spang
    • Check for http:// in RT URL regex since RT::Client::REST expects it - Christine Spang
    • Report back errors on login failure in RT sync - Christine Spang
    • Three minor tweaks for Moose compatibility - Christine Spang
    • Shipwright packaging - Jesse Vincent
    • UNIVERSAL::require is neither a dependency of prophet nor required - Jesse Vincent
    • Update SD to use the new database_bonjour_name API provided by prophet - Jesse Vincent
    • Make hyperlinks in SD relative - Jesse Vincent
    • RT servers can run on https:// servers - Kevin Falcone
    • redmine test: do require test inside BEGIN block - Sam Vilain
    • Redmine test improvements - franck cuny
    • if there is a trailing slash at the end of the URI, the github api will fail to fetch the data - franck cuny
    • fix: lighthouse->open_states_list auto deref - sunnavy
    • add query string support and increase performance for gcode sync - sunnavy
  • Thanks to the following people who contributed to this release: Alex Vandiver, Christine Spang, Jesse Vincent, Kevin Falcone, Sam Vilain, franck cuny, and sunnavy.
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