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Thomas Klausner
tracker - run App::TimeTracker
App::TimeTracker - time tracking for impatient and lazy command line lovers
App::TimeTracker::Command::Core - App::TimeTracker Core commands
App::TimeTracker::Command::Git - App::TimeTracker Git plugin
App::TimeTracker::Command::Overtime - Tells you if you have already worked enough
App::TimeTracker::Command::Post2IRC - App::TimeTracker plugin for posting to IRC
App::TimeTracker::Command::RT - App::TimeTracker RT plugin
App::TimeTracker::Command::SyncViaGit - App::TimeTracker SyncViaGit plugin
App::TimeTracker::Command::TextNotify - App::TimeTracker post mac desktop integration plugin
App::TimeTracker::Data::Task - App::TimeTracker Task storage
App::TimeTracker::Proto - App::TimeTracker Proto Class
App::TimeTracker::Utils - Utility Methods/Functions for App::TimeTracker
Changes for version 2.020
    • Use bytes for creating the token digest, otherwise we'll get into trouble (Michael Kröll)
    • Message already is utf-8 characters at that point, do not double-encode (Michael Kröll)
    • aded safe_branch_name (Thomas Klausner)
    • fixed typo (David Schmidt)
    • set current time when stopping via start & reprotoing (Thomas Klausner)

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