# FRAGMENT id=shcompgen-hint command=_cpanm

our $DATE = '2017-08-02'; # DATE
our $VERSION = '0.002'; # VERSION

use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Which;

my $cpanm_path = which("cpanm") or die "Can't find cpanm in PATH\n";

my @cmd = (
    $^X, "-MModule::Load::In::INIT=App::cpanminus::script::Patch::RunShcompgen=-warn_target_loaded;0",

print "cpanm-shcompgen: exec: ".join(" ", @cmd), "\n" if $ENV{DEBUG};
exec @cmd;

# ABSTRACT: Install modules from CPAN (and activate shell completion)
# PODNAME: cpanm-shcompgen



=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

cpanm-shcompgen - Install modules from CPAN (and activate shell completion)

=head1 VERSION

This document describes version 0.002 of cpanm-shcompgen (from Perl distribution App-cpanm-shcompgen), released on 2017-08-02.


Use like you would use L<cpanm>:

 % cpanm-shcompgen -n Some::Module ...

To alias it as C<cpanm> in your shell, e.g. in bash:

 alias cpanm=cpanm-shcompgen


L<cpanm-shcompgen> is a simple wrapper over L<cpanm>. This command:

 % cpanm-shcompgen -n App::PMUtils

is equivalent to:

 % perl -MModule::Load::In::INIT=App::cpanminus::script::Patch::RunShcompgen cpanm -n App::PMUtils

That is, it will cause B<cpanm> to execute L<shcompgen> (C<shcompgen generate
--replace ...>) for all the installed scripts in the distribution. This means,
shell tab completion will be activated immediately after installation.


Please visit the project's homepage at L<https://metacpan.org/release/App-cpanm-shcompgen>.

=head1 SOURCE

Source repository is at L<https://github.com/perlancar/perl-App-cpanm-shcompgen>.

=head1 BUGS

Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website L<https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Dist/Display.html?Name=App-cpanm-shcompgen>

When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a
patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired

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=head1 AUTHOR

perlancar <perlancar@cpan.org>


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by perlancar@cpan.org.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.