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Toshio Ito
Async::Selector::Example::Mojo - Example of using Async::Selector for real-time Web
Async::Selector - level-triggered resource observer like select(2)
Async::Selector::Aggregator - aggregator of watchers and other aggregators
Async::Selector::Watcher - representation of resource watch in Async::Selector
Changes for version 1.03
    • Now watchers are free of cyclic refs even if they are included in
    • their watcher callback closures. This is because watcher callbacks
    • are now kept in Selector object along with the watchers.
    • Now that a watcher does not have the callback, call() method
    • is removed from Watcher. call() is public but undocumented, so
    • users should not be using it.
    • Change some private method names from camelCase to snake_case.
    • Documented methods are not changed.

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