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Florian Ragwitz
Audio::File - Audio file abstraction library
Audio::File::AudioProperties - abstract an audio files audio properties.
Audio::File::Tag - abstracts the tag of an audio file
Audio::File::Type - represents an audio filetype
Audio::File::Flac in lib/Audio/File/Flac.pm
Audio::File::Flac::AudioProperties in lib/Audio/File/Flac/AudioProperties.pm
Audio::File::Flac::Tag in lib/Audio/File/Flac/Tag.pm
Audio::File::Mp3 in lib/Audio/File/Mp3.pm
Audio::File::Mp3::AudioProperties in lib/Audio/File/Mp3/AudioProperties.pm
Audio::File::Mp3::Tag in lib/Audio/File/Mp3/Tag.pm
Audio::File::Ogg in lib/Audio/File/Ogg.pm
Audio::File::Ogg::AudioProperties in lib/Audio/File/Ogg/AudioProperties.pm
Audio::File::Ogg::Tag in lib/Audio/File/Ogg/Tag.pm
Changes for version 0.11
    • Fix a test failure in the mp3 tag tests.

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