Geoffrey Leach


  • Audio::TagLib - A library for reading and editing audio meta data, commonly known as "tags".


Changes for version 1.64

  • Tue Jul 15 14:43:36 PDT 2014 . This is version 1.64. As of this version, code is being maintained under git, although its not installed on github. . .pm files now reset to version 1.1. The reasoning here is that after the initial cleanup of the .pm's there have been no modifications. The distribution version is kept in lib/Audio/ . Corrected INCLUDE error in TagLib.xs that resulted in certain Vorbis routines not being loaded. . Added code to make duplicate test files to test removing. Wed Jun 11 15:24:22 PDT 2014 . Improvement to, courtsey Festus. Sat Jun 7 14:12:03 PDT 2014 . Changes from Festu: patches for issues: #82529, #79942, #82298, RT 664415 . Require Test::Simple 0.99 (current is 1.001003) for t/TagLib_Ogg_File.t Mon Dec 16 14:14:57 PST 2013 . Added include/ that generates MPEG headers Mon Dec 9 14:04:04 PST 2013 . Added version check for taglib. This required which was aded to Core in 5.10.0, so that's the reason for bumping MIN_PERL_VERSION. If is available, MIN_PPERL_VERSION == 5.8.1 should be OK. . Added include/ to generate headers for t/TagLib_MPEG_Header.t strictly speaking it would bw enough to use a raw number, but this way the header generated is clear. Thu Nov 14 10:23:50 PST 2013
  • Add version parameter to MPEG save() . Add test for solaris to Makefile.PL. This is a WAG to have define _BSD_ICONV . Repair t/TagLib_ID3v2_FrameFactory.t; header requires more than just tag. Fri Oct 11 15:43:18 PDT 2013
  • Bring scripts/update_template/ and the updated files into harmony, courtsey Festus. Added README.updateiterator, ditto
  • Repair for RT 85621, courtsey Sisyphus. Test $PERL_VERSION, create c++ define Fri Jan 11 13:23:15 PST 2013
  • Non-critical changes from Festus. UTF8 => UTF-8 in xs/TITERATOR.xs, and other problems that happen if the .xs files are re-created.