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articles-verify - script to verify the contents of the articles database.
articles-view - script to view an article from the articles database.
cpanstats - script to access the NNTP server and update the database.
cpanstats-delete - script to delete entries from the cpanstats database.
cpanstats-reparse - script to reparse an NNTP article.
cpanstats-select - select stats from the CPAN Testers Statistics database.
cpanstats-update - script to update entries in the cpanstats database.
cpanstats-verify - script to verify the contents of the cpanstats database.
CPAN::Testers::Data::Generator - Download and summarize CPAN Testers data
Changes for version 0.40
    • fixes to accommodate GUID changes.
    • added support for 'type' field.

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