Term::GetKey - A perl module for quick easy simple key control
    use Term::GetKey;
    This module changes the settings of Term::ReadKey using the `\' as a
    toggle key. qtty() makes a single character request to Term::ReadKey
    which is esential for the functionality of this module. `|' toggles the
    case of the output character to UPPERCase lowercase or off. qtty() and
    keypasswd() and query() use chomp on all input.
    use Term::Getkey;
    my $ch;#$ch can be any scalar variable
    $ch=qtty();#single character good for menus
    The methods in this module are dynamically loded so you do not need the
    full prefix Term::GetKey-> prefix to call a method. The Term::ReadKey
module is used to control the terminal.

    reserve words:

            ReadKey ReadMode ReadLine GetTerminalSize SetTerminalSize
            GetSpeed GetControlChars SetControlChars
    are still available and functional.

    qtty() keypasswd() query() status() setkeymode()
    keymode() setannounce() announcestatus() setcase() casestatus()
    keymodestatus() is the list of methods that do not require the full
    system path and module name before the method name.

    When you press `|' or `\' and then a `\\n' depending on the settings you
    cycle through the settings of Term::ReadKey. The keys effected by
    Term::GetKey->qtty are disabled in noecho mode. When Term::GetKey is in
    (cbreak, raw or ultra-raw) modes the `\n' or enter key is not required.

The following methods are called by qtty()

    setanounce() `~'

    setcase() `|'

    setkeymode() `\\' the backslash key

    Terminat your program with '`' the grav accent key.

    keypasswd() calls qtty to create a password. This saves a call to stty -
    echo and stty echo.

    my $opt_passwd;


    query() calls setcase() `|'

    If you wish to have a `|' as the only character on the line: `\|' will
    cause query() to remove the `\\' and `|' will be sent as the string.

    The announcements are not disabled when you call qtty() or query() if
    they are waiting for a request and you press '|' or '\\'. You can
    disable the announcements with a call to set_announce(). The functions
    setcase() setkeymode() casestatus() and keymodestatus return the current
    value or the changed value of their called method.

keymode Settings
    0 Restore original settings. 1 Change to normal mode. 2 Change to cooked
    mode with echo off. (Good for passwords) strings are uneffected 3 Change
    to cbreak mode. 4 Change to raw mode. 5 Change to ultra-raw mode. (LF to
    CR/LF translation turned off)

GetKey announces the synonyms:
    restore normal noecho cbreak raw ultra-raw

    The Default is cbreak.

    qtty() handles each key individually. It returns to the `normal' mode
    after each key has been pressed so that you can continue with your
    program allowing you flexability. When case conversion is activated with
    the `|' or called via a program it takes priority over your current case
    settings. It saves your current setting and sets itself so that other
    programs run normally. The default setting for its case conversion is
    off (no translation). You can toggle or query the settings with the
    following calls:


    my $myval; $myval=casestatus();


    #change the case of the key requested and announce the setting

    my $keymodeval; setcase();



    query();#handles lines of text.


    my $textline=query();

    The characters returned are set to the case setting that you set with

    announcestatus announces the status of the verbosity.

    The status of Term::GetKey is available by pressing `=' the equals key.

    setannounce toggles the setting verbosity. The calls to the keystrokes
    mentioned above are only present with a call to qtty() All the
    Term::GetKey commands except '\\' are disabled when Term::GetKey is in
    noecho mode.

    In noecaho mode, qtty() only has `\\' active. query() has case
    conversion disabled.

Case and announcement values:
    setcase() casestatus() keymodestatus() setkeymode() return values only
    when announce mode is disabled with the default.

    Off 0 UPPERCASE and announcements active 1 lowercase 2

Term::GetKey is written by:
Barry Pollock