github_creator - Create a Github repository from your local repository


        # edit ~/.github_creator.ini

        # Inside a git repo
        % github_creator --name my-project --desc "an awesome thing"

        # for a Perl distro, figure it out through META.yml
        % github_creator


This is a short script you can run from within an existing git repository to create a remote repo on Github using a previously created account. This does not create Github accounts (and that violates the terms of service).

If the --name and --desc switches are not given, it will try to find them in META.yml. If the script doesn't find a META.yml, it tries to run `make metafile` (or `Build distmeta`) to create one.

From META.yml it gets the module name and abstract, which it uses for the Github project name and description. It uses the CPAN Search page as the homepage (e.g.

Once it creates the remote repo, it adds a git remote named "origin" (unless you change that in the config), then pushes master to it.

If Github sends back the right page, the script ends by printing the private git URL.


The configuration file is an INI file named .github_creator.ini which the script looks for in the current directory or your home directory (using the first one it finds).



Section [github]

login_page (default =

This shouldn't change, but what the hell. It's the only URL you need to know.

account (default = GITHUB_USER environment var)

Your account name, which is probably your email address.

password (default = GITHUB_PASS environment var)
remote_name (default = origin)

I like to use "github" though.

debug (default = 0)

Do everything but don't actually create the Githun repo.


The Github webserver seems to not return the right page every so often, so things might go wrong. Try again a couple times.

Sometimes there is a delay in the availability of your new repo. This script sleeps a couple of seconds then tries to verify that the new repo is there. If it can't see it, look at Github first to see if it showed up.


This source is part of a Github project:



brian d foy, <>

David Golden and Ricardo SIGNES contributed to the code.


Copyright (c) 2008-2009, brian d foy, All Rights Reserved.

You may redistribute this under the same terms as Perl itself.