Changes for version 1.034 - 2023-06-02

  • turn on the ed prompt (#160, Michael Mikonos)

Changes for version 1.033_04 - 2023-05-08

  • mimedecoder now requires v5.12 since MIME::Tools uses Test::Deep, which recently updated to v5.12
  • Several enhancements from Michael Mikonos
  • ed
  • can report line numbers on print
  • can insert empty buffer
  • can no longer insert before line 0
  • sum
  • now correctly reports 32-bit checksums on 64-bit perls
  • can read from standard input
  • od
  • zero fill input to required byte length
  • bc
  • use Math::BigFloat again
  • echo
  • emit newline by default

Changes for version 1.033_03 - 2023-04-05

  • echo with no arguments now emits a newline, from Michael Mikonos

Changes for version 1.033_02 - 2023-04-01

  • added tests for rev
  • lots of fixes from Michael Mikonos
  • install - now copies by default
  • expr - fixed || bug
  • ed - various fixes for error and value reporting
  • od, rev, head can now read from STDIN
  • rev - fix split before chomp bug
  • morse - re-imagined by Michael Mikonos

Changes for version 1.033_01 - 2023-03-21

  • Added license files for all licenses that appear in the repo
  • lots of fixes from Michael Mikonos
  • od
    • unpack bytes as unsigned in both hex and octal formats
    • -s is renamed to -j (skip offset)
    • exit with error for bad options
  • bc
    • remove feature for evaling arbitrary Perl expressions (very dangerous)
    • autoinit simple variables (instead of warning or dying)
  • xargs
    • make echo the default command if you don't specify one
    • reports system failure in exit
  • grep - support - to mean stdin
  • head - support - to mean stdin
  • dc - remove ! command to run something in a shell
  • hexdump - new tool!


create or extend a bibliographic database
Run a command many times with different arguments
create and maintain library archives
display system machine type
improve your arithmetic skills
interpret ASA/FORTRAN carriage-controls
pattern-directed scanning and processing language
print large banner on printer
encode and decode base64 data
print the basename of a file
An arbitrary precision calculator language
displays a calendar and the date of easter
concatenate and print files
change group ownership of files
the Book of Changes
change permissions of files
change ownership of files
clear the screen
compare two files
filter reverse line feeds from input
remove columns from a file
select or reject lines common to two files
copy files and/or directories
select portions of each line of a file
display date and time
an arbitrary precision calculator
strip troff, eqn and tbl sequences from text
Perl Power Tools to compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists
print the directory name of a path
display disk usage statistics
echo arguments
text editor
Run a program in a modified environment
convert tabs to spaces
evaluate expression
factor a number
Exit unsuccesfully
determine file type
search directory tree for files matching a pattern
plays the children's game of Go Fish
simple text formatter
wrap each input line to fit specified width
print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
print names of those who have sent mail
find pathnames matching a pattern
search for regular expressions and print
perl version of the game hangman
print the first lines of a file
print input as hexadecimal
show user information
install files and directories
relational database operator
send signals to a process
create links
reserves a terminal
find lines in a sorted list
list file/directory information
implementation of Berkeley mail(1)
generate a maze problem
extract MIME attachments in uudecode-like manner
create directories
make named pipes
play a game of MOO
translate text to morse code
line numbering filter.
dump files in octal and other formats
create a Perl archive of files
merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files
apply a diff file to an original
eformatray inputway asway Igpay Atinlay
probe for network hosts
display the phase of the moon
reformat input as paper tape
convert text files for printing
generate primes
Display the environment
format and print data
working directory name
Let it rain
display lines at random, or exit with a random value
reverse lines of a file
remove directory entries
remove directories
fight off villainous robots
create a shell archive of files
suspend execution for a number of seconds
sort or merge text files
scan a file for misspelled words
split a file into pieces
extract strings
display file checksums and block counts
concatenate and print files in reverse
display the last part of a file
manipulate tape archives
pipe fitting
condition evaluation utility
times the execution of a command
change access and modification times of files
translate or delete characters
Exit succesfully
topological sort
return user's terminal name
print system information
convert spaces to tabs
report or filter out repeated lines in a file
conversion program
extract files from a Perl archive
extract files from a shell archive
decode a binary file
encode a binary file
paragraph, line, word, character, and byte counter
extract version information from a file
report full paths of commands
display effective user ID
Internet domain name and network number directory service
find words which can be made from a string of letters
play a game of "Hunt the Wumpus"
construct argument list(s) and execute utility
print out a string till doomsday


BSD utilities written in pure Perl
old name for the Perl Power Tools