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			<< Lingua::AR::Word - Andrea Benazzo >>

29/4/2006	1.5.5
->now the Makefile requires Perl 5.8.0 instead of 5.8.6

23/4/2006	1.5.4
->corrected some errors in the documentation
->added todo notice in the stem sub-module

9/4/2006	1.5.3
->better documentation
->improved readability in the stemming regex

18/09/2005	1.5.2
->little fixes here and there (including documentation)

5/06/2005	1.51
->added tests

24/06/2005	1.5
->modified some little parts in Lingua::AR::Word

->moved the modules under Lingua::AR:: namespace

->created the OO version, along with the Dict::Db module.

25/04/05	1.2
->corrected some errors in encoding.

23/04/05	1.1

->added support for multiple files importation;
->fatal end if the necessary argument passed to the import function is missing;
->added counter for number of imported files;
->display "Imported file: FILENAME" after every importation;
->added counter for total number of dictionaries after importation;
->now there's no loop for user choice;
->creates directory "./dicts/" if missing;
->added check on the minimum number of arguments;
->added warning if "./dicts/" is empty;
->dictionaries will be named "%..." so that shell won't hide the ones beginning with a period;