dirtyRSS - A dirty but self-contained RSS parser


  use dirtyRSS;

  $tree = parse($in);

  die("$tree\n") unless (ref $tree);

  disptree($tree, 0);


  dirtyRSS is a terribly dirty RSS parser, which doesn't require any other module
  to work. It parses a string, and creates a tree, which represents the RSS feed.

  It doesn't support the complete XML syntax, only things that are commonly used
  in feeds.

  All tags are lowercased, namespace indicators are removed, and several typical
  non-RSS-2.0 tags are translated shamelessly to their 2.0 counterpart. There is
  also plenty of fiddling with the data on the way.

  The only good thing about this parser, is that it works most of the time, and
  it makes the tree look as if it came from an RSS 2.0, for a large parts of
  feeds of various sorts.

  If the parse fails, an error message is passed via the return value, rather
  than a reference to an array.


  The module is part of the Editaste site, http://www.editaste.com


  Eli Billauer, <perldev@editaste.com>