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POE::Loop::Event_Lib - a bridge that supports Event::Lib from POE


See POE::Loop.


There's a reason for the underscore in the version number. This software is definitely broken at the moment, so don't even think about using it anywhere that needs to not be broken.

All of my testing is against the latest POE, Event::Lib, POE::Test::Loops, and libevent (1.3d).

Currently, on MacOS X, it passes the test suite if you use the EVENT_* env vars to limit it to either the select, or poll method, but it still fails one test with kqueue (but then again, libevent's own regression tests fail with kqueue on this box/environment, so I'm not sure this is my fault).

On Linux (recent 2.6-based distro), it passes all tests under select, but has some isolated failures under both poll and epoll.

I think it's fair to assume something is actually incorrect either in this code (more likely), Event::Lib (less likely), or libevent (really unlikely). It's possible this is related to some impedance mismatch between the libevent and POE models that I haven't fully grokked yet.

I've also just installed it anyways and tried an actual complicated POE-based daemon of mine against it on the Mac. The app actually runs successfully in most cases, even with kqueue, so long as I run the app in debug mode (no daemonization via doublefork/setsid, and all logging straight to stderr). When I turn on daemonization and logging, things get stuck very early on.

YMMV, I'm mainly putting this out here hoping someone else will find the problems faster than me and send a patch :)


This class is an implementation of the abstract POE::Loop interface. It follows POE::Loop's public interface exactly. Therefore, please see POE::Loop for its documentation.

Event::Lib is a Perl abstraction of libevent, which supports the following underlying mechanisms on different platforms: select, poll, devpoll, epoll, and kqueue.

By default, it will select the best available mechanism. You can disable certain mechanisms from being selected via the environment variables EVENT_NOPOLL, EVENT_NOSELECT, EVENT_NOEPOLL, EVENT_NODEVPOLL, and EVENT_NOKQUEUE. These environment variables must be set before use-ing POE::Loop::Event_Lib.

Of note, not all underlying mechanisms support operations on regular physical files (some only support things like sockets and pipes). See the Event::Lib documentation for more information.


POE, POE::Loop, Event::Lib


Brandon L. Black <>


POE::Loop::Event_Lib is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This is for some automated test generation stuff...

sub skip_tests { return "Event::Lib tests require the Event::Lib module" if ( do { eval "use Event::Lib"; $@ } );

  my $test_name = shift;
  if ($^O eq 'darwin' and Event::Lib::get_method() ne 'select') {
    if($test_name eq "wheel_readline" or $test_name eq "wheel_run") {
      return "This test only works with the Event::Lib 'select' method on $^O";