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Changes for version 2.00

  • API CHANGE === The options html_tags, no_html and no_jslink are no longer supported by the new method. It _will_ break your code. The reason for this is the implementation of scanning the output with HTML::StripScripts::Parser (and the reason for that are the piling XSS-related bug reports ;-)
  • Bumped up to version 2.00 due to the API CHANGE.
  • html_tags has been removed
  • no_html has been removed
  • no_jslink has been removed
  • HTML::StripScripts::Parser has been implemented for security reasons
  • Fixed XSS bug (Ticket 28830) Thanks to J├╝rgen Peters ('TAULMARIL') for reporting the bug and helping me fix it (as well as Clinton Gormley ('DRTECH') for offering help with his module!).
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  • HTML::BBCode - Perl extension for converting BBcode to HTML.