Changes for version 0.08 - 2018-09-03

  • Move Starch::Manual POD into Starch.
  • Rework the manual DESCRIPTION to be less pretentious and more useful.
  • Change the module on-liner from some weird esoteric thing to something talking about sessions.


Starch recipes for common situations.
How to alter the behavior of Starch.


A framework independent HTTP session library.
Role applicator and class creator.
Entry point for accessing Starch state objects.
Always retrieve state data.
Base role for Starch plugin bundles.
Arguments and methods for dealing with HTTP cookies.
Disable store read and/or write operations.
Base role for Starch plugins.
Base role for Starch::State plugins.
Base role for Starch::Store plugins.
Turn Starch store exceptions into log messages.
Trigger periodic writes to the store.
Throttle misbehaving Starch stores.
Add extra trace logging to your manager, states, and stores.
Logging capabilities used internally by Starch.
The Starch state object.
Base role for Starch stores.
Layer multiple Starch stores.
In-memory Starch store.
Utility functions used internally by Starch.
Test core features of starch.


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