PERLBOOK - 5.005_02 
           Complete PERL Documentation in Adobe Acrobat Format
               Brought to you courtesy of Bill Middleton
  This directory includes the file perlbook.pdf, which contains the
entire standard documentation suite for perl5.  All of the standard
perl modules which include embedded Pod documentation, as well as
the complete set of perl pods, along with the various README files,
INSTALL files, and documentation for external programs which are part
of the standard perl kit.
  Most of the hyperlinks which are available in the perl html documentation
can be accessed through this document.  It includes a standard Acrobat
bookmark for each pod, which can be expanded to view the headers and
main topics for each document within.
  To view this document, you must have one of the Adobe Acrobat (tm)
tools, Acrobat Exchange, or Acrobat Reader.  Acrobat Reader is available
for no charge from the Adobe Systems, Inc. web site:
    <A HREF="">Get it here!</A>
  In previous versions this document has included an Acrobat Catalog (tm)
index of the entire document.  Unfortunately, I don't have the time to 
continue to support that feature.  If you want an index, you'll have
to generate it yourself using AcroCat.

  This version also includes some additional documentation from various
modules which I use, and are quite popular, including libwww, DBD, 
Sybperl, and the all-important Win32:: modules.  Find these under the
Additional Modules bookmark.

Bill Middleton