Revision history for Perl module Catalyst::Model::SVN

0.13 Fri Oct 10 00:35:00 2008
   - Fix META.yml to conform to current spec (removing from SVN dist).
   - Test suite compatibility with SVN 1.5 (RT#39918) - unsure if this is
     enough to work in production, but it looks hopeful.

0.12 Mon May 26 09:55:13 2008
   - Build module with ShipIt
   - Fix bug causing freeze when no config was supplied + test.
   - Add extra debugging when $ENV{DEBUG_TEST} is set.

0.11 Sat Dec 29 21:27:51 2007
   - Fix getting the config from outside the class (i.e. config from an    
     external config file now works). No tests yet, but seems to work.

0.10 Sat Dec 8 01:18:05 2007
   - Fix a nasty bug causing SVN::Ra to throw an exception in some versions (i.e. on my Debian box)

0.09 Fri Dec 7 11:48:27 2007
    - Fix crash when calling ls for a directory with a trailing / in the path 
      requested which occurs when your SVn server is over HTTP and below the 
      root directory.

0.08 Thu Dec 6 18:35:57 2007
    - Make _repos_path collapse URLs with multiple // in them. Tests for this.
    - Stop warnings being fatal in the Makefile, this breaks me on some perls.
    - Add propget as a method on Model::SVN, as well as on ::Items. Tests for this.
    - Test / fix content regex I thought was dodgy.

0.07 Sun Dec 2 18:41:02 200?
    - Fix test failures from CPANTS (due to us not requiring Catalyst::Devel)
    - Test a root which isn't at /, fix bugs in path resolution attaining to same ;)
    - Fix META.yml authors

0.06 Wed Nov 28 01:19:22 2007
    - Re-written to not leak connections or RAM. SVN::Client removed. Almost complete re-write 'under the hood'.
    - Test suite which tests the module for real + stress test added
    - Removed (non working) realpath method on Catalyst::Model::SVN::Item
    - Added a (horrifically inefficient) propget method to 
    - Cleaned up path handling in cat and ls methods to conform. You can now 
      supply either a path from the repository root, or an entire URI, to both 
    - Path and uri methods now return canonical URIs/paths always (e.g. /f1 
      not //f1 or svn://host/path rather than svn://host//path)
    - Move Catalyst::Model::SVN::Item class into it's own file.
    - Added a test for kwalitee

0.05 Sun Jun 18 16:41:25 2006
    - Added missing use DateTime statement (RT#19882)

0.04 Mon Nov 21 22:05:13 2005
    - Tweaked SYNOPSIS pod
    - Added pod notes about copy->original path resolution

0.03 Sat Nov 19 19:22:03 2005
    - Added t/catalyst_helpers_model_svn.t tests
    - Fixed various typos

0.02 Fri Nov 17 22:53:18 2005
    - Fixed not found errors when trying to read contents or logs of copies
      Big hats off to Gerard Gerritsen for pointing me in the right direction.
    - Added pod_spelling.t

0.01 Tue Nov 01 19:05:04 2005
    - Initial release